A unique discovery, with a Merton connection:

  • A lovely small illuminated folder “He Abideth – From a XIV Century Manuscript” [1965] published by Stanbrook Abbey Press and illuminated by Mararet Adams, with text provided by Thomas Merton.

Full text reads “He abideth patiently He forgiveth easily He understandeth mercifully He forgetteth utterly”

Relationship of this printing to Thomas Merton: Dame Marcella van Bruyn (a Benedictine nun of Stanbrook Abbey in England) first contacted Merton through the encouragement of Jacques Maritain. Stanbrook Press published poems of Raïssa Maritain as well as some of Merton’s works, including his translations of a prayer of Cassiodorus and a letter by Guigo the Carthusian. Merton provided this text to Stanbrook Abbey Press and cited it was “From a fourteenth century manuscript”. (Merton info retireved from the Thomas Merton Centre website – http://merton.org/).

Only 2 confirmed WorldCat listings.

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