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Record Number 2136
Reference Type Book
Author Nouwen, Henri
Year 1972-1994
Title Original collection of 49 signed books by Henri Nouwen; one signed note card; one TLS; one undated photo; and one press photo of Nouwen lecturing at Loyola University (1976)
Notes This item contains 49 signed books by Merton admirer Henri Nouwen. They include: - The Spirituality of the Compassion (1977) - This is a buckram bound mimeographed typescript manuscript. Autographed presentation copy from Nouwen to the late Colin Williams (Dean Yale Divinity, etc.). It begins with a typed letter: "We. invite you to remain part of our ongoing work together by any comment you might have on this text, by any suggestion you can make for our further work, and by any ideas you would like to share with us." Eventually published as "Compassion - Reflection on the Christian Life" (2006). Reference - Jim Visbeck, Isaiah Thomas Books & Prints, Inc. (Cotuit, MA, U.S.A.) - Living the Beatitudes / Daily Reflections for Lent (1995) - forward by Nouwen (inscribed) - Circles of Love (1990) - Can You Drink the Cup? (September 1996 - inscribed during the month of his death) x2 - Heart Speaks to Heart (1989) - Compassion (by Nouwen [inscribed], Donald P. McNeill, and Douglas A. Morrison - 1982) - Life of the Beloved (1992) x2. - A Cry for Mercy (1981) - Our Greatest Gift (1994) x2 - In Memoriam (1980). - Reaching Out (1975) x4. - With Burning Hearts (1994) x3. -Making all Things New (1981) x2. - Gracias! (1983) x2. - Here and Now (1994). - The Way of the Heart x3. - With Open Hands (1972) x2. - The Genesee Diary (1976) x2. - The Return of the Prodigal Son (1992) x2. - Desert Wisdom (1982) x3. - Pray to Live (1972) - Creative Ministry (1971) - Out of Solitude (1979, 1990) x2 - Letters to Marc about Jesus (1988) - Behold the Beauty of the Lord / Praying with Icons (1987) x3 - Seeds of Hope / A Henri Nouwen Reader (signed by Nouwen) 1989) - Compassion / A Reflection on the Christian Life (1983) - In the Name of Jesus (1990). Also, one press photo of Nouwen lecturing at Loyola University (1976). Also, one TLS by Nouwen on Daybreak letterhead dated Jan 11, 1993 Also, Walk with Jesus (1999), inscribed and signed by illustrator Sr. Helen David.
Label NU2YH